Cinergy Entertainment – Technician

Job Detail

  • Company Type Cinema
  • Cinema Name Cinergy Entertainment Group
  • Department Facilities

Job Description

Calling all Technicians, Techies, Tinkerers, and Jacks-of-All-Trades!  Working at Cinergy is anything but boring!  Our Technicians set the stage to provide MAGICAL state-of-the-art experiences for our guests, and have a ton of FUN in the process.  Bring us your best, and play with our guests and fellow team members every single day!

We ‘Cinergize’ people with the magic of movies and amusement.

What we do:

• Have FUN!

• Get your hands dirty and learn new skills repairing games and attractions

• Ensure safety and cleanliness in the center

• Socialize with guests and fellow team members to accomplish goals set for the day

• PLAY arcade games, and laser tag, and throw axes (Yes, really!  How else would you know they are working perfectly?)

Required skills