Flix Entertainment – Director of Content Programming and Audience Growth

Job Detail

  • Company Type Cinema
  • Cinema Name Flix Entertainment
  • Department Marketing
  • Experience 5 Years
  • Career Level Mid-Senior

Job Description

This is a new position for Flix and a blank-sheet opportunity to define what a holistic content programming strategy looks like in the post-pandemic era. We encourage creative experiments with new ideas that amplify the brand, have a reasonable probability of business success and are consistent with our Core Values. Decision feedback is fast, based on relative box office performance and other quantitative metrics. If you are looking to demonstrate your capability to deliver exceptional results in a challenging marketplace and be appropriately recognized and rewarded for those results, this is your starring role. If you’d be more comfortable shielded from the spotlight’s glare as a mid-level programmer standing in the wings, please take a hard pass.

Required skills